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Company History

Henry Schein Animal Health is the leading companion animal health distribution company in the U.S.

Henry Schein Animal Health began in 1953 as the WA Butler Company in Columbus, Ohio as a local animal health distribution branch, and is the first distributor to set up regularly scheduled truck deliveries to veterinarians. 

In 2002, WA Butler Company achieves sales of $400 million. We're recognized as the largest and most reliable distributor of animal health products in the United States.

In 2005, WA Butler Company merges with Burns Veterinary Supply to form Butler Animal Health Supply, LLC, owned and operated by Oak Hill Capital and Darby Group. Butler Animal Health Supply achieves sales of $785 million.

in 2010, Butler Animal Health Supply, LLC achieves sales of $1.2 billion. Henry Schein, Inc. acquires Butler Animal Health Supply, owning 50.1 percent and merges with NLS Animal Health to form Butler Schein Animal Health, LLC.

In 2013, Butler Schein Animal Health, LLC rebrands corporate identity as Henry Schein Animal Health.

In 2015, Henry Schein Animal Health acquires scil animal care company, USA in April of 2015. Based in Gurnee, Illinois, scil animal care is a specialized distributor which provides services and supports animal health laboratory diagnostic and imaging diagnostic solutions for veterinarians in the United States.

Henry Schein Named "Best Animal Healthcare Product Provider 2016" by Global Health & Pharma

Henry Schein was recognized for its commitment to providing animal health practitioners with the products and services they need to operate more efficient and profitable practices, as well as its dedication to supporting global animal health through public-private partnerships and in-kind donations.

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